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Induction Heat Treating Technologies

Heat Treating

Induction Heat Treating

Many metals require heating and/or heat treating to achieve their optimum physical properties. Our focus is to lead the market in quality induction heating and induction heat treating technology by providing flexible and innovative systems for long-life performance. Inductoheat heat treating equipment gives you the most flexible heat treating solution for today’s needs, and as tomorrow’s business changes, our standardized modules can be reconfigured to match your future production needs.

Inductoheat Induction Heat Treating equipment can perform various heat treating applications, such as; scan, single-shot, lift/rotate, pick & place, rotary index and linear transfer. We supply heat treating equipment to a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, off-highway, alternative energy, oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and many others.

Innovative Technology For Exceptional Performance

Advances in our heat treating technology include the new IFP™ (with independent frequency and power control) power supply and our InductoScan® XL heavy-duty modular heat treating system. Inductoheat induction heating equipment is a sure formula for low cost and efficient production requirements.