Line Frequency Heating Systems

IROSS™ Line Frequency Systems contain flux concentrators that utilize patented technology for yielding superior temperature uniformity. These units are used in a wide variety of industries, including: Automotive, Off-Road, Construction and Electric Motor.



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IROSS™ Line Frequency Heating Systems can be used for a broad range of thermal applications including;

  • Preheat for welding
  • Removal & cure of coatings
  • Lamination preheat for die casting & bluing
  • Friction weld and swage stress relieving
  • Shrink fitting for shafts & gears
  • Motor housing disassembly
  • Bonding of rubber to metal

Flexible Modular System

Interchangeable tooling packages allow stators, rotors, housings, armatures, gears, bearings or DC armatures to be heated. This unit is ideal for high volume production or rapid prototype work. Lower your manufacturing costs by utilizing a fraction of the floor space and energy.

Tech Specs


  • Infrared temperature control
  • Energy monitor
  • Custom tooling for armatures, rotors, stators, motor housings, permanent magnet motor bonding, gears and bearings
  • Other mechanical system modules available.