Contract Hardening

Let us take the strain out of your hardening needs in contract hardening shops in Stuttgart and Darmstadt.

With the benefit of no fewer than 26 state-of-the-art systems, we can cover a wide performance spectrum:

  • MF range from 3-30 kHz / 300 KW
  • HF range from 50 – 400 kHz / 400 KW
  • Special applications
  • Tempering / stress relief

In cooperation with our Process Development department, we are able to offer machine-capable solutions and series contract hardening for even the most complex and demanding hardening assignments. The required quality characteristics are documented in our modern DIN ISO 9001 compliant measurement and testing labs.

When is inductive hardening recommended?

All workpieces which are electrically conductive can also be inductively heated. However, the carbon content of the material plays a decisive role when it comes to hardening. Where an appreciable increase in hardness is required, the C component should be no less than 0.35%.

It makes most sense for inductive hardening technology to be used on workpieces whose skin is required to demonstrate good wear resistance, while the core calls for a high degree of toughness. However, a high degree of abrasion resistance can be achieved alongside good torsional and alternate bending strength. Different hardening processes exist such as stationary hardening, progressive hardening, stationary spin hardening and progressive spin hardening.

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