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Induction Low-Frequency Heating

Inductoheat Shrink Fit

Inductoheat manufactures heating equipment for an array of low frequency (60Hz) applications for many industries including; electric motor, OCTG and automotive. Our experienced engineers design custom units for varnish and epoxy curing, lamination preheat for die casting and bluing, wire stripping, bond breaking, shaft shrink fit, bearing hardener, motor frame disassembly and more.

Induction Low-Frequency Heating Innovations

The Mark 250 sets the industry standard for rotor and stator heating. The IROSS™ line frequency systems offer interchangeable tooling packages that use FluxManger® induction heating technology to heat stators, rotors, housings, armatures, gears, bearings, small crankshafts, DC armatures, vibration dampers, tubes, pipes and more.