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About Inductoheat Europe

Guiding principle

One of the guiding principles of our corporate philosophy is that of building on past tradition, steering with confidence through the present and keeping an eye firmly on the future. We consider this to be the foundation stone for our own commercial success, which we owe to the success we help achieve for customers. This has given us both a service orientation and a sense of responsibility for the future.


To tame the elements has always been one the great challenges pursued by mankind. Still today, nature continues to pose ever new challenges to trade and industry, and calls for innovative solutions which push out the boundaries of technical discovery. Future-proof solutions, technical expertise and absolute profitability are called for. And these are precisely the areas we envisage as the cornerstones of our inductive heat treatment-related research and development work.


Induction hardening is the meeting point for fire, water, electricity and iron: here, selective characteristic changes are made to high-grade structural elements using a technologically matured and complex process. Any supplier aiming to provide reliable problem solutions and services in this demanding field has to comply with a whole series of stringent requirements:

It must be capable of gaining and maintaining the absolute confidence of its customers. Inductoheat Europe is proud of its many long and successful partnerships with customers all around the world. These associations testify to the trust placed by customers in over 50 years of accumulated team experience in the field of inductive heat treatment. Our customers appreciate our efficiency, our ability to call on an international network of recognized specialists, and our dynamic approach – all of which are reflected in our range of streamlined technologies and products.


Another aim to which we aspire both in the technical and non-technical field is naturally that of ensuring safety. We guarantee the worldwide availability of our standards and services. In our technology centre, we develop customized hardening processes on behalf of our Europe-wide customer base, and offer not only their implementation in innovative plant concepts, but also our services as a contract processor in our state-of-the-art commercial hardening shops – quickly, flexibly and within a 24-hour turnaround.

As a member of the world’s leading company group in the field of induction heating – the INDUCTOTHERM Group – we offer customers dual security. We are a partner you can rely on – particularly when it comes to future-oriented solutions. This approach allows us to play an active role not only in shaping market change, but in working side-by-side with our customers to achieve this goal.