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INDUCTOHEAT EUROPE is a member of the internationally active Inductotherm Group.

The Inductotherm Group employs a total workforce of around 4500 employees, the Inductoheat Group around 850. Inductoheat is involved exclusively in the field of inductive heat treatment and is represented by a wide-meshed network of producing locations around the world, permitting market and customer-oriented design of our heat treatment systems. In-depth dialogue and the exchange of expertise throughout the Group provide a solid basis for state-of-the-art products complying to an exemplary standard of engineering. 

INDUCTOHEAT EUROPE in Germany employs around a 100-strong team. Here, we manufacture both standard and customized machines encompassing every conceivable component required for inductive heat treatment, such as energy supply systems, recooling systems, inductors and so on. We also run two commercial hardening shops (in Reichenbach and Rossdorf) where production series can be processed for our customers under contract.

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What is Induction?

For detailed information on the subject of induction heating, please refer to our brochure.