VersaPower® Xtreme™ - Inductoheat Europe

VersaPower® Xtreme™

Inductoheat proudly introduces a revolution in Induction Power Supply design with the all new, premium model VersaPower® Xtreme™ featuring Radyne’s Digital iQ™ Inverter Controls, that will change the way you think about
induction heating.

VersaPower ® Xtreme™ Compact, Ultra-High Performance Induction Power Supply Family

Simplicity by Design: The new sleek design provides for more efficient internal component placement, that increases strength and durability in harsh plant environments, while reducing overall weight. The ergonomic design supports unparalleled ease of use with ready access to tuning caps and tap settings adjustable without tools.

Fast, Unmatched Heating Accuracy

A responsiveness never seen before, ultra-fast, 0-100% in <1 msec. puts this continuous frequency, high-end unit in a class of its own. Ultra-high accuracy makes this solid-state power supply ideally suited for: Brazing, Joining, Shrink-fitting, Hardening, Tempering Annealing, Forming and much more.



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Features and benefits:

  • Multi-language interface capability.
  • 100% duty cycle rated.
  • Input power factor is 0.95 under all operating conditions for 3 phase input units.
  • Demand rated water flow monitoring & alerts.
  • The easiest to use resonant inverter ever!
  • Easy access tap and cap changes.
  • Remote control for modern PLC interfacing.

Advanced Controls