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The concept

Our universal hardening machine features a flexible, modular design and can be used for hardening of the most different types of workpieces. It comprises a basic machine to which various processing
modules can be fitted quickly, simply and precisely, depending on the application.

Features (depending on design variant)

  • MF 75 – 200 kW 5 – 40 kHz
  • HF 50 – 150 kW 50 – 200 kHz
  • Clamping length up to 900 mm
  • Hardening length up to 800 mm
  • 3 programmable inductor axes
  • 1 programmable servo round axis at lower center
  • Upper/lower center
  • Modularly adaptable processing modules with plug-and-play technology
  • Menu-guided CNC control SIEMENS 840 D or OP 277
  • Precise energy control
  • Inverter status control and automatic matching for simple, quick change of inductors

The modules (depending on design variant)

The following processing modules are available:

  • Module to process parts between centers (1-track and 2-track)
  • Indexing table module with rotating part locators
  • Indexing table module with fixed part locators
  • Horizontal continuous tractor feed module (1-track and 2-track)
  • Horizontal pusher type module (1-track and 2-track)
  • Universal table module
  • Further modules for special applications
  • Tempering module with separate servo drive

The individual processing modules match one another both technically and as regards their places of installation. Each module is provided with its own decentralized electrical periphery. The advantage
is that each individual module only has to be plugged on and is ready for operation without additional efforts being necessary, even in the event of a later subsequent order.

Automatic inverter matching (depending on design variant)

The operator can call up the “Inverter status” menu via the controls. In this menu, any deviations from the optimum operating parameters are displayed and the inverter can automatically be adjusted to the inductor currently used. Via a pneumatically switchable capacitor bus and transformer tap switch, inverter matching and frequency can be adjusted over a wide range. The matching programme measures the electrical parameters of the system and recommends the optimum matching, suggested in terms of transformer tap and numbers of capacitors to be then confirmed by the operator. The operator is additionally provided with further information on the modification of the coupling distance and inductivity.
This saves time, makes retooling child’s play and reduces the “expert know-how” required.


In our process development, we determine – if requested – your optimum process parameters and the hardening accessories required such as inductors and quenches. Out test lab will provide you with a detailed description of the results obtained. Our inductor manufacturing department produces inductors and other hardening accessories according to HWG quality standards.
Our service network solves your problems quickly and competently, worldwide.
In our own heat treat shop we can perform hardening tasks for you in the case of overcapacities, breakdowns or for series production start-up.
We guarantee this service for the whole life cycle of your hardening equipment.



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