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Inductoforge™ Modular Bar Heating Systems

The Inductoforge™ modular bar heating system is a revolutionary product for the forging industry. The flexible modular design allows the forge shop to assemble an induction system that exactly matches its application requirements. The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and over 55 years of experience in induction heating has made Inductoforge™ bar heating systems the world leader in bar heating for forging.



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The Inductoforge™ Modular Bar Heating System offers flexibility and efficiency with its individually controlled (500Hz – 6000Hz) power modules. The Inductoforge™ heating systems utilize our proprietary iHaz™ Temperature Profile Modeling Software giving the user the tools to generate an ideal system recipe and precisely heated billet.

The iHaz™ software package is a predictive numerical simulation technology that accurately forecasts the temperature throughout the cross section of the billet, from the surface to the core. The heating system’s modular design makes it possible to employ a standby function that keeps the billet at temperature, ready to start forging immediately following minor line disruptions.


  • Eliminates heating recipe guesswork
  • Optimal system efficiency
  • Unmatched temperature uniformity
  • The industry’s most advanced heating technology
  • Modular design permits standby functionality (hot parts ready immediately following minor line disruptions)
  • High energy efficiency
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Optimum forging temperature

Tech Specs


  • iHaz™ temperature control modeling software
  • Bar loader and storage system (Bar rack/sling)
  • Coil Shuttle
  • iHAZ™ Advanced temperature control
  • Standby
  • Bar Cooldown Table