STATITRON IFP inverter 5 – 40 kHz / 75 – 360 kW

Stepless variation of output and frequency during inductive heating process.

The STATITRON IFP is a revolutionary development in the HF/MF energy supply field for all kinds of inductive heating.

STATITRON IFP is the only inverter of its kind to permit STEPLESS variation of output AND frequency DURING the inductive heating process.

The STATITRON IFP is equipped with a microcontroller, a controlled 6-pulse rectifier bridge using state- of-the-art IGBT technology, and an output transformer.

A LOW-ripple DC filter reduces the harmonic content of the AC conductor to less than 1%.


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A new dimension in induction!

  • stepless frequency variation during the heating process
  • revolutionary process control
  • totally new application scope
  • enhanced quality coupled with simplified process
  • cost and time savings
  • energy efficiency through higher precision
  • maximum flexibility